Amy on rabbits; returning to Alpha House and The Heart, She Holler

amy sedaris rabbit careOkay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a few updates, yay!

First, Amy shares lots of fantastic tips on rabbit care and what to consider about owning a pet rabbit in this new interview on I actually have my own ancient 13-14 year-old mini rex rabbit (who happens to have a recipe named after him in Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People), and yes, bunnies absolutely are the best pets. 🙂 And yeah, it’s true what she says–that rabbits will basically own you and destroy all your stuff, but you can’t help but to love ’em! You can also check out a related post on today’s blog: Amy Sedaris Dresses Like A Scarecrow, Looks Good Doing It.

Now, in totally unrelated news, Amy will be returning to two renewed shows! Amazon’s political comedy Alpha House was renewed for a second season, and Amy will once again be joining the cast–presumably reprising her role as a senator’s wife. Prime subscribers can watch the entire first season here (even though she was guest cast, Amy appeared in most epsiodes of season one).

Last but not least, Adult Swim renewed its gothic-horror-comedy/soap opera/mini series The Heart, She Holler for a third season. Amy originally joined the cast in 2013, taking over the role originally played by Kristen Schaal. She’ll be returning as Hurshe Heartshe–a sleazy, white trash woman who’s constantly plotting to take over the town.

Oh, and one more! If you missed them while they were in theaters… Amy has small parts in Chef and Ping-Pong Summer, both of which are coming to Blu-Ray/DVD next month, and they’re both really fun flicks. Check them out!

Amy on the set of ‘Chef’; premiere info for ‘The Heart, She Holler’

Amy Sedaris on the set of Jon Favreau's "Chef"Jon Favreau has posted another Vine video from the set of his new indie flick, Chef, currently filming in Los Angeles. A bit more about the movie synopsis from IMDB:

A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.

Also, Amy will be returning to television very soon! As in, a regular cast member of a series! Adult Swim posted a video from the Heart, She Holler panel at San Diego Comic-Con a couple weeks ago, and it’s mentioned that season 2 of the show will premiere on September 10 and run for 14 episodes! Episodes will air on consecutive nights, like a soap opera (as opposed to the typical once per week)–perfect, since the show is something of a soap opera. Amy is taking over the role of Hurshe Heartshe (played by Kristen Schaal in season one), a sleazy white trash woman who is constantly plotting to take over the town. Looks like a part that’s going to be perfect for Amy!

Amy discusses ‘The Heart, She Holler’ at Comic-Con

Amy Sedaris joined the panel at last week’s Comic-Con to discuss  of The Heart, She Holler, slated to air this fall on Adult Swim. NerdAlert talked to Amy about joining the cast during the second season, and taking over Kristen Schaal’s role. Check it out! (Amy’s interview begins at the 3:30 mark)…

UPDATE: The Heart, She Holler will premiere September 10, and run for 14 episodes!