An Evening with Amy Sedaris in Austin, TX

Calling all Amy fans in Austin, TX! The Paramount Theatre will present an Evening with Amy Sedaris on Friday, March 28, 8:00 pm. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, March 6, at 10 am. From the Paramount website:

In this exclusive Paramount event, join Amy and a surprise host as they converse and enter the world of Amy Sedaris, where you might never be the same. With her definite opinions on how to entertain the elderly (keep the music down and the heat and lights turned up) to crafting with sausages, she is a wealth of helpful information. In this exceptional appearance, Amy interacts with her audiences like no one else can—offering them her perspective into how the world should be. A true conversation, all topics are fair game—all offered with her signature style of hilarious, straight shooting wit.

Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Amy to Guest Star on 30 Rock; Indianapolis Appearance

First things first… The bad news is, this is the final season of 30 Rock. The good news is, Amy will be guest starring on it! No word yet on who she’ll be playing, but her episode will be shot within the next couple of weeks, so hopefully we’ll see it this fall.

Additionally, the Spirit & Place Festival will present An Evening with Amy Sedaris on November 8th at the Madame Walker Theatre Center in Indianapolis. More information and tickets ($25) can be found on the Spirit & Place Festival website.

Amy on The Good Wife; in San Francisco

I know that I’m really behind on updating the site. Ack! So, to get caught up…