Win Amy’s New Book, Simple Times!

Grand Central Publishing is giving away 5 copies of Amy’s new book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your favorite thing that Amy has done (i.e. Strangers With Candy, I Like You, The Late Show,… whatever) no later than Friday, October 15, 9:00 pm EST. I’ll then use a random number generator to pick the 5 winners.

When you leave a comment, make sure you enter a valid e-mail address. If you win, and I can’t get in touch to get your mailing address, I’ll have to pick another number.

Contest rules:
-Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to win.
-No P.O. boxes, please.
-Winners will be subject to one copy per household (which means that if you win
Simple Times here and on another blog, you will only receive one copy of the book).
-Only one entry per person, please.

(By the way, your reply itself has no effect on winning since winners will be picked by a random number generator. I’m just asking you to answer the question, “What’s your favorite thing that Amy has done?” so I can tell you’re not a spambot.)

EDIT – The random number generator has picked the winners: comment #’s 7, 63, 103, 144 and 187!

206 thoughts on “Win Amy’s New Book, Simple Times!

  1. Amy is my guru, my guide,my North Star. I paid homage to her by forming my own Crafty Beavers group – OK, we only me once, but we made crafts and ate. I look forward to the next book – may hold my breath until I win. So, no pressure, but if I faint, OR WORSE, it’s on your head.
    Amy’s own Trish

  2. Cynthia says:

    Everything Amy does is hilarious, but I’d say my favorite single thing is probably when she appeared on the audiobook for Stephen Colbert’s I Am American And So Can You!

  3. Katt Johns says:

    The tumbling routine she did with Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report, will always be my favourite Amy Sedaris moment!!

  4. Stefanie Huber says:

    Seeing Amy do crafts and a Q&A in Frederick, MD in 2008! She was awesome, and she wrote “Don’t ever change” in my copy of “I Like You.” Therefore, I shall never change. Good times!!!

  5. Gerard says:

    When she was on Martha Stewart…i love Amy, and want her to make babies with Stephen Colbert so I can adopt one!

  6. Lilly says:

    I really think she did a virtuoso performance of an abusive husband in the episode “A Burden’s Burden.”

  7. Jason says:

    My favorite Amy Sedaris moment is when she gave the Neti Pot demonstration on the Conan O’Brien Show!!! I do also love the Locksmith skit on “Exit 57”. Hilarious!

  8. Christopher says:

    So difficult to pick a favorite Amy Sedaris moment – I love everything she’s done – but “The Trip Back” from Strangers With Candy gets me every time. Her stoner laugh. Playing basketball with a turkey. That hair. That FUPA. The indian underpants. “What’samatter, your head try to escape?” I could go on. I love this episode so much, it’s the only non-music video content on my iPod, and I always watch it when I’m on an airplane. Good times!

  9. Laura Fleming says:

    Aside from loving ‘Strangers with Candy’ … What Amy did with toilet paper rolls on a Martha Stewart appearance show took my breath away!

  10. Tracy says:

    Can’t pick. I love everything she does.

    But just incase I have to pick in order to win…
    he previous book ‘I like you’.

  11. Michelle says:

    I might have to say her appearances on “Martha,” though I love rasping, “Amber! Amber! Get over here!”

  12. Aloyisus says:

    The cupcake baking ‘Rabbit Rescue, where Amy’s kitchen is ‘manned’ by Dusty and other rabbits. I’ve watched it with my own rabbit, Otto…he loves it too!! 🙂

  13. James Ball says:

    Everything she does is brilliant, but my favorite thing is that she was reading a book about giraffes while I sat next to her at one of David’s readings, then hearing her laugh in my ear while David was reading about her and the rest of the family- totally surreal!

  14. Rose T. says:

    Amy once told my 6 yr old daughter to never, ever get a tattoo or to drink. My daughter asked, “Mom, what if I get thirsty?”

  15. Jorge says:

    I think her best work so far is writing her last book “I Like You…”
    But Strangers With Candy and her appearances on Letterman, Conan and Ferguson are awesome. HUGE FAN!

  16. Ali Fox says:

    She cracks me up in anything I see her do but I must say I have enjoyed her “whiskey dick’s chicken wings” on a few ocassions.

  17. Kristin says:

    I love everything about Amy and I wish I could be in her family…. But all creepiness aside, my favorite thing she’s done is to give me the recipe for Damn Its, which I just got done making. Yum! I’m going to be the hit of macrame class!

  18. Travis Wellborn says:

    I like when she emphasizes 1 word in episodes of strangers with candy.

    “lather” from the steroids episode is one of my favourites!!

  19. kevin doucet says:

    Amy kills me every time I can catch a glimpse on the Late Show. Her boyfriend ‘Ricky’ is the best! She was also very awesome in ‘Elf’. Funniest woman alive!

  20. I love that Amy’s books are avaible in audio form. “I LIKE YOU” is a great listen during crafting sessions and while prepping for a party! HORRAY FOR BOOKS YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ!

  21. Sarah Stroger says:

    “i like the pole and the hole” & “i’ll make your pinky all stinky” – jerri blank
    also, making desperate uber-fan late-nite attempts to call her with my friend daina in the early 2000s

  22. melinda perez says:

    for sure strangers with candy.
    “the blank page” episode…hobo, hobocamp?
    and my all time favorite quote “buddha stalin is chronic”

  23. Ryan says:

    I Like You is an amazing book that combines her genius humor with very practical party planning tips. It’s a great read for entertainers and those that just like to be entertained.

  24. suzanne says:

    Every thing is my answer but if I have to pick just one…Strangers With Candy will stand the test of comedy time!

  25. James Hummel says:

    Amy was classic Amy when she wrote
    Pee on me” on the back of my ATM Card that one time….. But, I have to say her most UNCANNY moment was YEARS ago (Must of been 2000 or 2001) on the Conan O’Brian show where she showed Martha Stuart how to make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron and an ironing board, in case she ever went to prison…. And then months later Martha went to prison…. How did she know to give her such sage advise????? She must be retarded…

  26. Brian says:

    SWC is obviously amazing but my fav is seeing her interviewed on letterman. It’s totally off the cuff and totally her own. She should he his side kick!

  27. Colleen Bradley says:

    Well the fat suit story her brother tells is one of my favorite things she did, but also her books and Letterman! 🙂

  28. Brooke Martin says:

    My favorite thing Amy has ever done is inspire me to view the world as one big continuous joke! Who could ever be sad with a mindset like that?

    I love her book, her television appearances on Letterman and Martha, Strangers with Candy, and the fact that she collects doll wigs. She is my personal hero.

  29. amanda says:

    one of my fav. things that amy has done is the audio Commentary for the strangers with candy series and movie. Love hearing Amy Paul and Stephen having so much fun watching themselves being goofy.

  30. Christopher says:

    I was born and raised on Hot Dog Johnny’s hot dogs and birch beer. Seeing Amy sporting a Hot Dog Johnny’s shirt in one of her pix sure brings back good ol’ memories of Rt 46, Butzville and the Pequest River.

  31. karen says:

    Her clothes! Her dresses on Letterman are beautiful. What woman wouldn’t want to wear those dresses and heels.

  32. Jeffrey Toadstool Lazar says:

    I love you Amy, in the morning when I wake up, in the evening when I go to bed and all hours in between.

  33. WIN AMY’S Simple Time

    I fell in love with the sprite thru her many appearances on The David Letterman Show. She is easily the most joyful person he has ever had on and I truly believe his favorite. She has also been called on to sub more many celebs who have canceled at the last minute. She lives in the neighborhood and can be depended on. What a gal!

  34. She stole my heart thru all her appearances on The David Letterman Show, whether promoting her own shows/books or doing David a favor by subbing for a celeb who canceled at the last minute, she is a lively wonderful sprite filled with energy and love.

  35. Tika Bordelon says:

    I have TWO favourites: Sex & The City AND her cd for I Like You. hearing her read the little chapters is hilarious. But everything she does is great!

  36. I agree with your post absolutely and I am now interested in reading some more of your posts on your blog and see what you have to say. Do you mind if I tweet your blog post out to my followers on twitter? I think they would also enjoy the blog post. Thanks.

  37. Nick jr would always show my favorite shows on cable. Do you remember the commercial breaks they were enjoyable, I miss those years. Do not get me wrong cartoons like sponge bob makes me chuckle every now & then but nothing can compare with salute your shorts or other old school cartoons.

  38. Myra Lewis says:

    I Like You!! I can’t put it down… I just don’t like it, I love it! I love the pantyhose, love the layout, love Amy!

  39. audrey stapina says:

    Everyone loves Amy for her work on SWC. My very favorite episode is the Virgin Jerri episode. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen it on tv and on dvd and I still giggle every time! She is my she-ro!

  40. Helen S says:

    I LIke You! I am making wee cheese balls for a party in two weeks, and the stout cheese log as well. Cheese party.

  41. I love everything she’s done. I have been lucky enough to eat some of her cupcakes (at Todd Oldham’s book signing) and buy some of her crafty ware (at the Bust Craftacular) so I guess I’m most impressed by the fact that she can be a crafty goddess while making everyone laugh their pants off!

  42. Brandon Krajewski says:

    I love her book, Wigfield, which she wrote with Paul Dinello and Stepen Colbert. It was a nice extension of Strangers with Candy zaniness.

  43. I love Amy because she such a great actor. Playing Jerri Black in Strangers w/ Candy is something I enjoy monthly with my good old set of DVD’s. When life is hard, all I have to do is throw any random season in, and I feel like my old friend is right there with me…..knowing life sucks, but making lemonade out of lemons and making me laugh. God bless Strangers With Candy…and god bless sweet Amy! I wish she only knew how she has touched my life =)

    Much Love,

  44. Dolores Hammond says:

    My fav has to be Strangers With Candy because I first saw Amy in it when it came on tv and I’ve loved her ever since! She is a funny, classy, smart, did I say funny? lady!! I love her and everything she does! Cant wait to see her in NY!

  45. I only have a week to live (unless shipping takes 5-7 business days in which I’ll try to hold on for a few extra days) and want Amy Sedaris’ words to be the last that I read. Or clippings of all of the Family Circus comics that I’ve collected over my time on earth.

  46. Andy Fillmore says:

    Strangers With Candy was certainly the high point for me, but I also have liked “I Like You,” any TV appearance, from Letterman to Sex & The City, the stuff she’s done with brother David, I even remember Exit 57!!! Loved her all along. Cant wait for the new book!

  47. Jack says:

    Amy’s great whenever she’s with Dave, and I’m looking forward to Friday. Since I’m in Canada, I’m also looking forward to “Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour;” I was excited enough about that show, but when I saw Amy was on it I nearly peed my pants.

  48. My favorite? My favorite thing is that Amy Sedaris manages to be wickedly and sometimes honestly shockingly funny, kind of insane, and sexy all at the same time. Oh she’s put smart back into sex appeal in America . . . and she does it every time she performs. O.k. weeell maybe not Strangers with Candy. Oh but you know what I mean.

  49. Lydia Brannen says:

    I love that my 2 year old son thinks she’s the toothfairy from the awesome YoGabbaGabba segment. It’s tough to beat SWC though.

  50. seth mittendorf says:

    Nothing in life could ever be sweeter than SWC…but the sketch Amy was in on VH1 Random Play…”Director’s Series”, where she plays the crazed director Jean Cranus still snaps my bean to this day! Love it Love it Love it!

  51. mackenzi says:

    She introduced me to the beer margarita. Thank you, Amy Sedaris, you are a beacon of light in a dark, dark world.

  52. rachel says:

    My favorite Amy moment is related in “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” when she wore the fat suit for an entire week to upset her father.

  53. Noly L. says:

    Hands down, Strangers with Candy. No matter how many times I’ve seen an episode, it still cracks me up! “You know, I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. And then I laughed, really hard.” Classic.

  54. Maura says:

    Hands down “Strangers With Candy.” Second place: “I Like You.” The photos in that book are just fabulous.

  55. Elliot Lear says:

    Agnes Moorehead’s THE NANNY to Sarah Jessica Parker – “Uh, excuse me Ms Parker? You look beautiful, sexy, very nice…I was wondering if I could have an advance on next week’s paycheck? What about that Christmas Bonus?!”

  56. Jose says:

    Strangers with Candy especially the “Blank Stare” episode when she joins a cult and “The of Liz”

  57. -=M=- says:

    Oh – the best thing Amy has done is finding that amazing harlequin dress and wearing it ON THE COVER OF HER NEW BOOK! envy.

  58. Delsey says:

    My favorite thing Ms. Sedaris has ever done was an interview with me for an unnamed alternative weekly newspaper where she claimed she had “rashes.” Amy, you’re the tops!

  59. Gavin says:

    My favorite thing Amy Sedaris has done is: make her viewers, her fans, and the world a fearless place to create and be hilarious…That’s all.

  60. Carlos Pelaez says:

    The best thing she has ever done was give birth to Jerri Blank. STRANGERS WITH CANDY is comedy gold!

  61. Jarrod Madrigal says:

    I liked it when Amy posted on my Facebook “Go with what you know” in responce to posting I did when I was drunk and broke in a seedy gay motel in Vegas.

  62. Jeremy Grand says:

    Every single episode of SWC, one of my favorite shows of all time 🙂 and I loved loved loved “I like you”. just wonderful

  63. Denise Flores says:

    The Horse Girl sketch from Exit 57 is one of my favorites. It still manages to creep me out.

    “I like to ride ’em. I think they’re pretttty”

  64. Amy Farrington says:

    I love Strangers With Candy! My husband and I got engaged after knowing each other 5 weeks, and during that time, we watched every single episode. I knew if he loved it like I did, he couldn’t be all bad.

  65. Erin says:

    …most favorite thing was the time she gave a tour of her neighborhood on the late show at three in the morning, or some crazy hour like that, in heels. She’s a tough broad that Amy, love her!

  66. Tracey says:

    Comedy Central ran a couple of episodes of SWC back to back the other morning and almost made me late for work. I had almost forgotten how brilliant that show was and how brilliant Amy was in it. So, SWC for me.

  67. Sarah Rocha says:

    By farrrrrrr, it’s my favorite show in the entire world Strangers With Candy! I have all 3 seasons and the movie! I’ve seen them at least 100 times and I laugh harder everytime 😀

  68. Katie Hall says:

    Obviously the Letterman appearances will live on in our hearts forever. My favourite guest by far. Can’t wait for the next one!!

  69. Ella Nemcova says:

    AMY SEDARIS! You rock. SO sorry that in all my excitement in seeing you at Lifethyme the other day, I called you Amy Poehler. Duh.

  70. Annabelle Estrada says:

    I love it when Amy goes on Letterman. Recording it tonight!She just cracks him UP like few people can.

  71. Steven Frenzel says:

    We love Amy in Strangers With Candy, on Letterman, in book form, on her brother’s books on CD’s (wish she was on them more often!), even in that brief moment in School of Rock! We love Amy any where and any time!

  72. Tim Pandora says:

    There’s alot to love about Amy, but my favorite thing she’s done is pledge to visit us every year in SF. See ya on November 15th!!

  73. Michelle says:

    My faves are SWC (of course), all the cool photos in I Like You, and Wigfield. In that order. Did I win?

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