Amy in ‘The Best and the Brightest’

Amy has been cast in The Best and the Brightest , an independent comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris, which is currently in production:

Moving from Delaware to New York City, a young couple seeks to get their tyke into a prestigeous private kindergarden.  With only one placement available at the top school in the city, the couple, along with the help of a conniving “educational consultant,” design an elaborate scheme and take on new personas in order to convince both the high-profile school donors, which include a Senator and her celebrity husband, and the school’s headmaster to admit their child. [source ]

Also starring are Bonnie Somerville, John Hodgman, Peter Serafinowicz, Bridget Regan, Kate Mulgrew and Christopher McDonald. You can read more about it at The Hollywood Reporter .

Ed note : I’ve read the script for this, and it seems like it could be a pretty fun movie. Amy has a sizeable supporting role as the educational consultant, and I’d actually say that she’s one of the main characters.