More on Amy in the new Dolly Parton video

Yesterday I posted Dolly Parton’s new video for Better Get to Livin’, in which Amy plays three different roles. Amy Sedaris and Dolly Parton seem like such an unlikely pair, yet Amy was perfect for the part. So, when the video’s director, Steve Lipmann, aka Flip, contacted me last night, I just had ask… How in the world did Amy come to be cast in a Dolly Parton video?! Steve explains:

The thought of casting Amy came from myself and my creative team — we’re all longtime fans. I can remember seeing her shows at La Mama years ago, and immediately succumbed to the insanity. As for the video, the roles were already sketched out, but then I had the idea of getting Amy to do all 3 of them, like Peter Sellers used to do in his movies. I suggested this to Dolly and her team, and they thought it was a great idea. Next thing you know, we approached Amy and she said “yes”. It was the promise that Amy would share a scene with a monkey, and of course, Dolly, that sealed the deal. Wow. Imagine 2 days of filming with Dolly and Amy. This is when show biz has its perks. Amy improvised a lot, and the costume designer Adam Selman and make-up artist Chris Colbeck helped her bring the characters to life, beyond anything I imagined. We all had a blast making the video, and it doesn’t surprise me that there is so much overlap in the fan base with Dolly and Amy. They are both generous and genius one-of-a-kind talents.

Also – Just a reminder that if you want to see the video on the big screen, it premieres on CMT tomorrow (Thursday, November 29th) during the Top 20 Countdown (and if you really like the video, you can go to afterwards and vote for it to actually get into the Top 20 Countdown).