Debunking the Strangers With Candy/Simpsons & TMZ rumors

You may have heard a rumor that Jerri Blank and the Flatpoint High gang (“Strangers With Candy”) will appear on the 500th episode of The Simpsons (i.e. “Sedaris Announces Completion of Draft Agreement with Matt Groening for Jerri Blank, “Strangers With Candy” Characters to Appear on “The Simpsons” 500th Episode”). This is FALSE.

Basically, anything you read about Amy that’s distributed by Myron Kempelstein, Kempelstein Enterprises, or Jake/Jeff Barnes is a JOKE and is NOT TRUE. Accordingly, Amy is not coming out with a line of greeting cards, wrapping paper or music for old people–as much fun as that would be.

Amy Sedaris and do not have any involvement in these hoax press releases.

Additionally, Amy does NOT have any involvement in the comments or posts that are spammed all over, MySpace or the fictitious “Melissa Mindy Trump Hilton” (Amy is not a columnist for TMZ).

(It seems like this is getting spread around the internet and a lot of people think it’s real, so I thought it would be worth mentioning here. -Katie)