Amy answers your crafting questions

I received this e-mail from The Believer magazine regarding Amy’s advice column, “Sedaratives.”


Hello, friend.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for spreading the word about Sedaratives, Amy’s advice column. The response has been overwhelming, and Amy is scarcely able to answer all of the letters we’ve received.

Secondly, we were wondering if you’d be willing to pass along another announcement to Amy’s fans. We have more than enough letters for her August “cooking” column, so no further questions are necessary. But she’s ready to begin work on her September column, which will tackle the far-reaching theme of crafting. As you know, Amy is a bona fide expert in the crafting genre, and she’s willing to assist you with all of your crafting queries, from homemade clothing to home decor to gifts for the holidays. Letters should be sent via email to

Thanks again for your tireless efforts. You are appreciated.

The Editors
The Believer magazine