Amy to be a regular columnist in The Believer

Today we got this from a nice guy named Eric at The Believer Magazine: “Hello. The Believer
Magazine is proud to announce that the lovely and talented Amy Sedaris has agreed to write an
advice column for us. It’s called “SEDARATIVES: Amy Sedaris Answers All Of Your Questions
About Life, Love and Literature.” As the title implies, Amy will be responding to your questions
on every conceivable topic, particularly those in which she has absolutely no knowledge. We’re
currently looking for letters for the first installment of Amy’s column, which will appear in our
May issue. If you have a burning question that only Amy could feasibly answer, we welcome you
to send your queries to Please note that Amy will not be answering
questions pertaining to her career, Strangers With Candy, or comedy in general. We are solely
looking for questions dealing with (as the title makes very clear) life, love and literature. Oh, and
cooking. She knows a thing or two about that. And don? forget home decor and bunnies. She
has a lot to say on those subjects. Thank you for your time. The Believer magazine”