Big names in SWC movie

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker apparently have agreed to be in the Strangers with
Candy movie, which is set to begin filming in June. No word yet who they’ll play.
_nm/film_candy_dc Update from PERFECT STRANGERS: Sex and the City’s
Carrie Bradshaw may have said au revoir to Paris, but Sarah Jessica Parker still can’t resist the
language of amour. As reported in next week’s issue of TV Guide magazine (on sale March 22),
the actress will play a “very funny, sexy French teacher” in Strangers with Candy: The Movie, the
big-screen supersizing of Comedy Central’s cult high-school satire (which stars sometime Sex
guest Amy Sedaris). Parker’s real-life hubby, Matthew Broderick, is also on board as a fellow
“who comes between [gay teachers in love] Jellineck and Noblet,” reports producer Mark
Roberts, adding that, before shooting starts in June, more A-listers are sure to make the grade.
“The cast of characters will be long and distinguished. There are a lot of [Candy fans] coming out
of the woodwork.”