Official release date for SWC DVDs

According to webmaster Tony L: The official release date for Strangers With
Candy Season 1 will be June 17th. It will be a double disc set of 10 episodes including the
unseen (by some) pilot, 15 minutes of outtakes, deleted scenes, and tributes. There will be cast
commentary on 4 episodes. Unfortunately at this point there are no plans two issue Seasons 2 and
3, but there may be a “best of” DVD with some S2 and S3 episodes. —– COMMENT:
AUTHOR: Dorsey Thrush EMAIL: URL:
DATE: 05/08/2003 7:34:00 AM Finally! The Citizen Kane of 40 year old teenage runaway
ex-junkie whore television shows is being released to the masses! This is a great day… Now if
only the rest of the show will be released. —– COMMENT:
DATE: 04/24/2003 1:48:00 AM Holy crap. I guess I’ll take anything I can get but … just the first