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Amy on Andy Barker P.I.

amy sedaris on andy barker p.i.

Amy has a guest spot on Andy Richter’s new NBC mid-season replacement show, Andy Barker P.I. NBC decided to air five of the six episodes taped so far, and unfortunately, Amy’s was the one that got the boot. However, you can watch the entire episode for free on NBC’s website (it’s “The Lady Varnishes”) and it’s available for purchase on iTunes for $1.99. She guest stars alongside Ed Asner (and plays a character as old as Ed Asner…).

Amy on Letterman

Amy is scheduled to appear on Letterman on Monday, January 15th.

Amy on The Megan Mullally Show & Amy @ Fred Flare’s Carnival of Cute

-Amy is scheduled to appear on The Megan Mullally Show on December 7th.

-If you live in the New York metro area, you can do your holiday shopping with Amy! She’ll be signing copies of “I Like You” at Fred Flare’s Carnival of Cute on Saturday, December 9th, from 11 am – 5 pm in Brooklyn. In addition to books, Amy says that she will also be selling fake cakes (as seen in “I Like You”), calendars, lighters, lotion, pure vanilla extract, jars of sprinkles, magic wands, coin banks (“donation cans”), Paul Sedaris’ “You Can’t Kill the Rooster” aprons, and a few crafts that she saved from the book.

amy sedaris at fred flare

Amy on Conan

Amy is scheduled to appear on Conan O’Brien this Tuesday night. If you’re setting your VCR or Tivo, remember that it’s technically Wednesday, 11/22.

Amy on My Name Is Earl

Amy is guest-starring on the October 12th episode of “My Name Is Earl”:

Randy pursues a romantic relationship with a cat lover named Judy (Amy Sedaris) even though he’s very allergic to kitties, and Earl prepares to pick up the pieces of his little brother’s broken heart once Judy learns how Randy really feels about felines.

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